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Being trusted with the job of teaching children to swim and survive is something we take very seriously. A child’s safety is too precious to take short cuts with. We offer a comprehensive program which caters for swimmers from babies through to adults.

Children who learn to swim demonstrate more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children, according to groundbreaking research led by Griffith University.

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FREE Information Session

For Parents with Babies - Aged 3 months to 12 months
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Welcome to SSA this Term

Welcome to SSA this Term

This term we welcome Forest Street PS and Wendouree PS to our swimming program…

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Healthy Swimming

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  • We Are Very Impressed

    We Are Very Impressed

    We are very impressed with the small classes and the enthusiasm of all the teachers here at your pool.

    We have only been here one week and are very happy!

    Sebastian and Charlotte’s Mum
  • Best Decisions We Have Made

    Best Decisions We Have Made

    We are writing to say thank you for the wonderful job that your centre has done with our little boy.
    Jacob is six years old and up until 6 months ago was afraid of the water, would not put his head in the water let alone let go of the side of the pool.
    We decided to send Jacob along to swim lessons and it has been one of the best decisions that my husband and I have made.
    The Willowhites
  • Love Learning to Swim

    Love Learning to Swim

    The O'Neill family 'love' learning to swim at the Swim and Survival Academy as
    it feels like the 'red carpet' has been rolled out for us. As individuals it seems like
    we are being 'watched' & never do we become stagnant in our swimming. We are encouraged at every level.
    Thanks SSA - O'Neil Family



Why Choose Us?

  • At Swim and Survival Academy, everyone at our swim school is passionate about swimming. We take children’s safety seriously and offer a range of programs for any level – babies right through to adults.
  • Our swim school is selective. We don’t employ everyone who walks through the door! We select talented people and provide in-house training to turn them into extraordinary swimming teachers.
  • We work out the details. With a carefully-planned program and top customer service, we’re with you and your family every step of the way.

How many children are in classes?

  • Tiny Tackers classes, where parents attend with their children, have a maximum of six students. This gives plenty of opportunity to meet other tackers, while the teacher can work one-on-one with the littlies.
  • Learn to Swim classes have a maximum of four swimmers in beginner classes and a maximum of five in more advanced classes.

When can I start my child swimming?

  • From six months onwards. At this age, lessons are about water familiarization and basic survival skills. As children have come from a water environment, starting early in a water environment is a natural feeling for babies.

  • We offer New Parent sessions for Parent groups who would like to learn what they can do in the bath at home until they are ready to begin formal lessons. This is a free 30 minute session in the pool with one of our qualified teachers for our little ones from 4-6months of age. It includes a free cuppa and discussion afterwards to answer all your questions.

  • The sooner you start, the sooner your child learns water safety.

How long will my child need to do lessons for?

To ensure they’ve got strong enough survival skills, we recommend children all attain a minimum level of Junior Squad, where they are able to swim 1km freestyle non-stop.

At this level, your child will have experience treading water, swimming long distances fully clothed, and will have learnt basic CPR.

What is the pool temperature?

Being comfortable is important. Not just because Ballarat can be a cold place sometimes, but because being too cold means kids will struggle to concentrate - so we run all three of our pools at 32°C.

Our pool deck and change rooms are also heated in the winter months to 25 degrees. Comfortable children learn quickly when they are not distracted by the cold.

How big are the pools?

We’ve got three pool systems – a 10x12m for our Learn to Swim program, a 6x2m deep water pool for our survival skills training and a three-lane 25m pool with starting blocks for our higher-level swimmers and squad athletes.