Swim and Survival Academy

about us pic 2Why choose the Swim and Survival Academy?

SSA leads the way in the Learn to Swim and Survive area. Our team attends State, National and International conferences to ensure what we are doing is up there with the the best in the world.

We take pride in what we do, so we want to ensure that we only have top quality, passionate teachers in the pool with your children. A teaching qualification is one of the first steps for every member of our team. Once they have completed their training as a teacher, they can then begin training in a specialist area, such as Infant Aquatics, Squad or Reception. To qualify in these areas our staff not only have to pass external training courses, but also our in-house training.

During every session at SSA there are Shift Supervisors to assist both the teaching team in the pool and parents with enquiries and concerns. We don't cut corners to ensure we are consistently delivering the best to our customers. We keep detailed accurate notes on our computer system of every child's progress. This ensures that the learning process for every child is constantly moving forward as they hit their mile stones. With our "Make Up Lessons For Life" policy, this enables all our clients to receive the lessons they have paid for, regardless of illness.

Our work philosophy at the Swim and Survival Academy is to “Provide the best Quality Swimming Lessons Possible”. Everything we do at SSA works towards achieving this goal. Your child’s water safety is too important to settle for anything less.