Swim and Survival Academy

Learn to Swim - Preschoolers five and under

Kinder Kids is our unique Learn to Swim program that runs Mon-Fri mornings from 9.00am – 11.30am; Tailored specifically to meet the needs of 3-5-year-old pre-school children. The classes a centred on learning through play - utilising games, toys, songs and exciting activities to keep your children engaged and having fun throughout the learning process - while learning swimming and survival skills for life.

Classes are generally smaller - with a maximum of 5 children per class - meaning that your child gets the additional support they need to progress faster.
Benefits of younger children swimming in the morning include:

  1. Kinder Kids concentrate better in the mornings.
  2. Quieter sessions mean fewer distractions.
  3. The children are all under school age so that they will be swimming with children in similar age groups
  4. Kinder Kids is lots of fun with new and exciting toys being added all the time specifically for our 3-5-year-old swimmers.
  5. The teachers play games and motivate the kids to try their hardest using age-appropriate toys and activities.
  6. All of our beginner Kinder Kids classes have a maximum of 4 students meaning they will receive the additional support to help them thrive.
  7. We have fun weekly themes that shape how we run our classes and what toys we include. For example, Jungle Safari week!

Our kinder program is designed to ensure that your children develop a future love of the water. Here’s what some of our parents think about the program:

“The instructors give the kids lots of praise and encouragement which helps with the kids self-esteem. Riley loves playing on the slide and blow up animals at the end of the lesson!”
“Before Garth started he was not confident in the water. He would not lay on his back or blow bubbles. Emmett was not confident in deep water. Now both boys cannot wait until their swimming lessons each week. I would and do recommend SSA to other parents as the staff are great and very helpful.”

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