Swim and Survival Academy

You’ll be glad to hear we’re not fans of Draconian policies here at Swim and Survival Academy.

At SSA we want you to receive value for money. We have a “Make-Up Lessons for Life!” policy This means that the swimming lessons you pay for - you get, regardless of any absences you need to take. These make up lessons will then remain on your child’s record until they are used.
To qualify for Make-Up Lessons for Life please observe the following:-

  • Make-up lessons accumulate and remain on record until used.
  • Make-up lessons are limited by the number of paid lessons you miss during a term i.e. if your child is booked for a 10 week term and absent for 4 sessions due to illness etc. then he/she will be eligible for 4 make-up lessons
  • If your child is going to be absent, you must notify SSA a minimum of 5hrs prior to the regular lesson, for the make-up lesson to be available. For any last minute absences please notify us on your Customer Portal. Clients who don’t attend their lesson without this notice will not be eligible for a makeup lesson.
  • They cannot be accrued during school holidays.
  • Make-up lessons can only be taken in positions vacant during normal scheduled term lessons
  • Make-up lessons can only be booked a maximum of 7 days in advance.
  • Swimmers must be enrolled during the term where they want to use the make-up class i.e if your child is not enrolled in T3, but they have 2 make-up lessons owed, you won’t be able to use the make-up classes until your child is enrolled for the full term of lessons.
  • School lessons do not apply as enrolment
  • Make-up lessons are not to be exchanged for refunds, for use during holiday programs or credits towards term fees.
  • Make up lessons are not transferable.
If you’ve got any further questions about make-up lessons,
please phone us on 5339 9911.
Make up Lesson for Life