Swim and Survival Academy

Learn to Swim - Babies from six months to around three years


One of the greatest joys of a young child’s life can be learning to swim. No time is better to start than when they are babies. Our Tiny Tackers program teaches babies from 6 mths to 3yrs of age.

Research suggests that swimming lessons can be an integral part of stimulating your baby’s social, emotional and physical development. In addition it can increase concentration, alertness and overall perception skills.

Tiny Tacker lessons require an adult in the water. It is preferred the same adult attends with your Tiny Tacker. This helps to develop a partnership, building trust and respect between your teacher, your child and the adult in the water. This is important for your child to feel comfortable and secure in their learning environment.

Our classes are based on children’s developmental stages and we understand that every child is an individual, developing at their own pace. As your child grows and acquires new skills, your teacher will guide you through each stage.

Children learn most effectively when they are engaged in an activity.

To maximize learning we incorporate age appropriate toys, songs and games into our lessons to entertain our Tiny Tackers as they are learning valuable skills! Tiny Tackers are rewarded with incentives to take home as they begin to demonstrate each swimming skill confidently.

Their achievements are recorded and tracked by your instructor. Once your Tiny Tacker has demonstrated the required confidence and skills they will be ready for their next challenge, we celebrate with a beautifully presented certificate for you to take home. Our shift supervisor will assist you in this transition to the next level of learning.

It is never too early to begin teaching children to have a respect for water in any environment. If they learn to respect water at a young age they are more likely to maintain this relationship with water throughout their lives.

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