Swim and Survival Academy

Life is better when it’s simpler.

We encourage our customers to pre-pay term fees before the term starts. Why? This means you have classes available for your children, and it means we can ensure we’ve got the right staffing numbers.

Here are our term fees T&Cs:

  • Please pay fees by the end of your child’s last swimming lesson of the term. This ensures their place in the next term.
  • Got three kids or more enrolled to swim at our swim school? You’re eligible for a discount. This will be calculated off the fees as a whole figure.
  • Credit cards attract a surcharge. EFTPOS transactions don’t.

Payment of Fees:

  • For lesson costs please refer to the current Term Fee flier on our website.
  • Family discount applies for families swimming 3 or more lessons per week. (Schools Lessons do not apply to family discount)

For families booking once a term has commenced :

Fees are required to be paid on booking for returning customers. Management reserves the right to cancel the bookings due to non payment of accounts.
Unless a free trial lesson is offered fees are accrued from the time of booking. Make up lessons can be accrued for lessons not attended. Click Here to see our make-up's for life terms and conditions. Refunds will not be given for unattended lessons under any circumstances retrospectively.

For families confirming their position for the following term two options are available to book for the next term:

Full term payment is required by your child's last swimming lesson of the preceding term. This will give you priority and confirm your place in your booked class for the next term.

A Direct Debit payment is arranged. Our Direct Debit families automatically have their bookings continue into the next term.

Direct Debit

  1. Your Direct Debit will be deducted from your nominated Bank Account. Credit Card (cannot be accepted) on Thursday/ Friday every fortnight during the Term. The first payment for the year is the week before lessons begin in Term 1 and continue until the last payment is made before the end of Term 4.
  2. When setting up Direct Debit you will be expected to pay upfront pro rata for any outstanding amounts in addition to a $5 administration set up fee.
  3. When setting up Direct Debit you are required to have a valid mobile number and email address for our administration team to contact if required.
  4. Ensure you have read the Direct Debit Service Agreement and understand your responsibilities. Click Here to view the Direct Debit Service Agreement.
  5. Ensure that if you have any changes to your account you need to notify our Direct Debit department via email before the start of business of the Week the Direct Debit falls. Failure to do this could result in a dishonour fee if your payment is rejected.
  6. Direct Debits will continue until we have been advised, in writing of your intention to stop making payments. Any changes to your Direct Debit arrangement need to be in writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Verbal changes cannot be accepted at reception.
  7. A $7.50 processing fee will be charged for all dishonoured payments.
  8. If payment is not made after a dishonoured payment is received, management reserves the right to cancel classes. If a class is cancelled it cannot be guaranteed to receive the same timeslot when rebooking.

Cancellation of Classes:

If you want to cancel your classes permanently at our swim school, you must give notice to your Shift Supervisor via email in writing. A minimum of 2 weeks notice is required for cancellation of classes. Make up lessons will be created for unattended lessons if required during this notice.

Refund Policy:

Any outstanding monies on the account can be left in credit to be used in full on returning to classes.
If a monetary refund is required a $20 processing and administration fee applies. Refunds will not be given for unattended lessons under any circumstances retrospectively.
Questions? Please feel free to contact our team on 03 5339 9911.

General Conditions:

Swim and Survival Academy in Ballarat is a great place to learn and have fun! Why? Because we all consider each other and go out of our way to make sure learning to swim with us is an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.


All participants must abide by the general terms and conditions of the Swim and Survival Academy Program. Management reserves the right to refuse entry, suspend or cancel lessons without a refund or request any person to leave the premises if that person does not behave in a responsible manner, uses abusive language, is under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol or does not adhere to the general conditions of entry.


The staff at Swim and Survival Academy in Ballarat comply with the legal requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles as set out on the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any other applicable legislation or privacy guidelines.

Feedback and Dispute Resolution:

Your feedback is important to us. We seek to resolve your concerns quickly and effectively. If you have any feedback or questions about our service, please contact us.
If it is positive feedback for our staff we love to pass this on! We have feedback forms at reception which you can fill in and place in the box. This will be passed on to our staff to make their day special.
If you have a concern please speak to the Shift Supervisor on your shift initially.
If you wish to take the concern further please follow the steps below.

(a) Please go to our website under “About Us” and click on “Issues or problems”. Please send a message detailing your issue or concern. One of our team of managers will be in touch to discuss a solution.
(b) If you are not satisfied with the solution please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Keeping it Healthy:

Health is important to us! We pride ourselves on the quality and cleanliness of our facilities here in Ballarat. Swimmers agree to abide by the Victoria Government Department of Health Guidelines regarding Healthy Swimming:

  • Do not swim if you have had diarrhoea or vomiting in the past 2 weeks
  • Avoid swallowing pool water
  • Do shower and wash thoroughly with soap before entering the pool
  • Wash your hands with soap after going to the toilet or after changing a nappy
  • All children 3 years of age and under or not toilet trained must wear swim nappies at all times in the water to assist with the pool water quality

Recording Classes:

Swim and Survival Academy is a swim school that places a high priority on quality tuition and ongoing training for our staff. We record our staff teaching on a regular basis for training purposes only. These videos are kept in a secure onsite location and only viewed by their Supervisor and the teacher or trainee to assist their training. If you have any questions regarding this please speak to management.


At our swim school we appreciate parents wishing to record the milestones in their child's life. If you are taking photos during classes please ensure you minimize the photo to your child only and are not including other children in the class to respect the privacy of our other families. No photography/video recording is allowed in or near any change rooms or change areas.
As all parents are not present during Schools Lessons, we do not allow photographs or video footage to be taken during our schools program.

Supervision in Classes:

All students need to be supervised by a carer /parent over the age of 16. This person has the duty of care of the student both before and after a class as well as in an emergency situation. In our Tiny Tacker classes we also require the swimming partner of the student to be over the age of 16.

Management reserves the right to cancel and or suspend classes if a customer is does not abide by the terms of conditions.