Swim and Survival Academy

Learn to Swim - Children five years plus

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At the Swim and Survival Academy we strive to teach every child the essential skills they will need to survive in any aquatic environment.

By selecting talented, passionate people and providing extensive in house training, we develop outstanding swim teachers and coaches. With a great program and professional, well trained people, we nurture each child to learn.

Our Learn to Swim program has been developed using educational teaching methods which maximize learning. Children learn faster when they are enjoying themselves and having fun. Each child is guided through the structured program using incentives and positive reinforcement. The program works on building solid swimming foundations and continually expands on these until they have developed survival skills and sound technique in all areas of swimming.

During the initial stages of the program a strong emphasis is placed on survival skills to give children independence in deep water.

On graduating from the Learn to swim program children will be able to swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and complete dive starts and turns, while maintaining strong survival skills.
As part of our learn to swim program we run water safety weeks every term. This week compliments our Learn to Swim program by exposing children to:

  • Swimming clothed
  • Swimming in cold water
  • Life saving tows
  • Rescue techniques
  • Life saving strokes
  • and basic resuscitation skills.

If you would like more information regarding our Learn to Swim program please call to book a free assessment on 03 53399911.