Swim and Survival Academy

PB TermDuring Distance Swim Term, our coaching team focuses on developing strong aerobic skills within our swimmers. Over the term our swimmers complete several swims over 1km. When our swimmers complete a 1km swim for the first time, they receive a medal to celebrate this fantastic achievement. We record the fastest 1km times, with the fastest swimmers at each squad level earning points for their squad team after each 1km swim. During Distance Swim Term we encourage our swimmers to undertake extra training sessions to practice for a distance swim of between 3km and 13km. Our coaching team encourage swimmers to complete extra training in order to ensure that the swimmers are fully prepared for the long distance swims. Towards the end of the term we run a distance swim day where the swimmers complete their distance swims in front of their parents, family and friends. All the distance swimmers receive trophies and certificates to celebrate their fantastic achievements. .

During this term we also run our Top Gun competition and swim offs over 1km. The fastest swimmers at each level get to swim off on Top Gun swim day against each other at the end of the term, with the fastest qualifiers receiving medals and the overall winner receiving magnificent trophies.
Not only are we helping to develop aerobically strong swimmers, but we are also trying to show the swimmers that through hard work and practice they can achieve great things.