Swim and Survival Academy

program main water safetyEvery term we run a water safety and awareness week. All the swimmers are encouraged to wear clothes over their bathers, so that they can experience what it feels like if they accidently fall into water. We cover the following areas during the week:-

  • Safety rules in and around water.
  • Safe water entries
  • All the life saving strokes
  • How to use floating objects to help them get to the edge.
  • How to tread and dog paddle clothed
  • How to signal for help and assistance
  • What to do if someone is drowning
  • How to use objects to save a person from drowning
  • The squad swimmers use mannequins to learn CPR
  • Life saving tows (both aided and unaided)
  • Boat rescues (using a life saving boat)
  • Distance swimming clothed
  • Cold water survival skills
  • Identifying and then what to do if you are caught in currents and undertows and what to do to survive

We aim to give our swimmers the best survival skills possible.


2020 Colouring Competition

Don’t forget to send a photo of your completed colouring competition to The Swim and Survival Academy’s Facebook page by Friday 25th September at 4:00 PM

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